Global Macro Research

A successful investment strategy is powered by insightful research

That’s why we’ve made it a cornerstone of our client offering.

Information is power. But unless that information is filtered, processed and objective, it can be more irritating than insightful. Our global macro research cuts through the noise to provide clients with fact-based analysis that is integrated, tactical and focused.

PGM’s Macro Research team is highly skilled and knows that behind every smart investment decision is smart research.

Who Can Benefit

PGM’s in-depth global macro research is designed to expertly inform and guide a cross-section of investment professionals, including:

Unbiased Analysis


Our research combines top-down, bottom-up and quantitative analysis for 35 countries, including most OECD, BRIC and Asian Tigers.


Instead of trying to forecast the distant future and ever-changing market conditions, our research has a short-term horizon of nine to twelve months.


We make investment calls, rather than describe the past.

Our Approach

Through rigorous research of developed and emerging market economies, we generate leading market intelligence, fresh perspectives and compelling analysis. We’re keen on crunching data, but our real strength lies in finding the stories behind the numbers. For our clients, these insights open up investment opportunities and risks, both hidden and overt.

Assessing the big picture

We begin from the top and develop views with respect to the global economic backdrop.

Uncovering opportunitues

Finally, we look for market dislocations, anomalies and situations in which our assessment of the economic backdrop differs significantly from current market pricing and valuations.

Digging deep in the weeds

Then, building up from the bottom, we delve current into market pricing and valuation in the liquid, macro asset classes by undertaking rigorous quantitative analysis.

Our Research

We focus on the impacts of macro events on all four asset classes: equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. We develop tactical and structural views on the global economy that help guide investors. Our goal is to remain independent and thus, our views are often against consensus.

Global Macro Views across four markets

Global Strategy Note

Portfolio managers and analysts turn to this three-to-five-page note for a macro-perspective on the news and current affairs that drive the global economic agenda.

Client-driven research

Available as an in-person presentation only, we tailor our analysis to a client’s particular needs and objectives. Always insightful and objective, the research will include customized models, indicators, graphs and more.

Awards & Recognition

From Capital Finance International (, a magazine based in the UK